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About Happy Hounds

Katya and Parker in JasperTamara Egan - "I grew up on a Hobby farm, so I have a lot of experience in training and looking after many different kinds of animals. I went to school and got my degree in Bachelor of Science, Biology major, hoping to have a career revolving around them. After moving to Fernie in 2005, I worked in Forestry, Serving, Horse Trail Guiding, but finally got into dog walking. I created the "No Wine K9" Dog Walking and Pet Sitting company, which has had much success. I am now enjoying working with my partner, and running both Happy Hounds and No Whine K9 starting 2012.".

ParkerZac Barrett – "Being the dog lover that I am, walking dogs full time was a dream come true, and the opportunity of a lifetime. While working for "No Whine K9" (Dog walking) for a year, I gained experience in working with many different dog breeds, and temperaments. I had previously been working in the restaurant industry for 12 years in Fernie and wanted a change so I "barked" at the chance to be the proud owner of Happy Hounds."

Genghis & ClementineClementine – "I am a pure-bred boarder collie from Baxter's Ranch, Alberta. I was raised to herd cattle, but now I herd dogs. I am a Happy Hound."

Genghis - "I am a boarder Collie/Lab rescued from the Pincher Creek Pound. I now work 7 days a week as the head dog guide, leading my pack through great adventures every day. As the leader, I'm the first to sniff out any danger. My warning calls let the pack know to wait until I say the coast is clear."

If you are interested in having a dog-walking service then Tami and Zac offer a no-obligation "Meet and Greet" with you and your dog, to get to know you and your dog and find out what you need.

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