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Happy Hounds at play

Happy Hounds at play

Happy Hounds Services

Happy Hounds provides your dog with fun-filled adventures with fellow canine companions. After picking up your pooch from your house, it’s time to hit the trail! The day’s adventures are tailored to the weather: a crisp winter morning may include a snowshoe through the woods, while swimming in the river would be first on the list on a hot summer day. Your dog will be returned to their nest where they will nap contentedly until you come home.

2 Hr Group Adventure
Wonderful opportunity to run, play and socialize
with friends while exploring trails less travelled!
Half Hour Walk
A great option if your dog prefers to be alone!
Holiday Relief
Going away and don't want to put your dog in a kennel? This service provides relief to both you and your dog. 2 - 5 visits a day to your home or hotel, includes: feeding, bathroom breaks, play and a 1/2 Hr or 2 Hr walk.

Multiple Dog Discount Available – each additional dog per household is 50% off!

Punch Cards – perfect for regular Happy Hounds!

Happy Hounds Punchcard

You will need to provide a collar and leash for your dog, and any other equipment it needs (harness, etc). On rainy days, please leave an old towel so we can dry your dog off as best as possible.

Happy Hounds caters to dogs that are: friendly, well-socialized, healthy, have up-to-date shots, are neutered, and travel well. No aggressive dogs please!

Book walks as needed or reserve regular times.

Call to arrange a free ‘meet and greet’ consultation. All dog owners are required to sign a release, waiver and indemnity agreement prior to their dogs participating in any activity.

Happy Hounds is a member of Pet Sitters International and fully bonded and insured.

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